Blockchain for art | Certificates of authenticity for art professionals
Blockchain for art | Certificates of authenticity for art professionals

The blockchain, an essential technology

'The subject of provenance, or more broadly of authenticity, is one of the most sensitive in the art world, and constitutes an important part of its litigation. The challenge is to obtain reliable information on the successive owners of a work and the certainty that the latter is not a forgery. In this area, the use of a new technology such as blockchain would represent a real breakthrough. ' The Drouot Gazette | February 15, 2018

Arcertificate brings with the blockchain easily accessible technological innovation by combining the functions of the artist's signature, the traditional certificate of authenticity and secure digital identity. Professionals, galleries, auction houses, museums and art market experts can now easily register on the Blockchain the works of art they sell, exhibit or evaluate on behalf of their clients.

Professionals can use the blockchain to record information on their transactions and their dates and to file documents of probative value generated by their activities. In the event of a dispute, it is advisable to retrieve the fingerprint of the document concerned from the blockchain, apply the fingerprint calculation with the same cryptographic algorithm on the archived document and compare the 2 blockchain fingerprints obtained. If they are identical, it means that the document has not been altered and that it corresponds to the transaction recorded in the blockchain. The blockchain thus guarantees the traceability of the transactions carried out and the unalterable blockchain link with the associated document.

Our goal:

- Provide secure certificates of authenticity blockchain for works of art.
- Record and time stamp on the blockchain all your assignments of works.
- Guarantee the inviolability, traceability and sustainability of all your transactions with blockchain.

Blockchain : A new essential standard to guarantee the authenticity of works of art!

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Blockchain Certification & Usage Rights

'The digital artwork is an innovative creation associating media (photography, data, animated or still images, sounds, texts, videos...) using computer processes and digital technologies, in order to propose a 'use' based on interactivity. This work will be edited on digital media (off-line), on a network (on-line), or presented in a public environment... Digital Art is generally presented in the immaterial form of computer files that constitute the work of art, as such they can be copied thousands of times and it is difficult for the artist to certify the works as 'original and authentic' to the buyers. This step must involve the creation of rarity, the establishment of a limited number of copies and strict rights of use; the value of the work can then be established and guaranteed.'

The creation of a digital certificate of authenticity is essential to guarantee the value of the work to the buyer, but it must scrupulously include all the elements constituting the work: the description, the computer media, the legal mentions of authenticity and the rights of use. This information must be recorded on the blockchain in such a way as to be judicially recognised in the event of transfer and/or litigation, which implies compliance with certification standards and the correct use of the blockchain.

WARNING: more than 90% of the blockchain certificates offered to artists are not valid with the courts ; they are generally issued free of charge or at a low price and do not in any way guarantee the authenticity value of the work to the buyers. The only guarantee offered is that of the issuer of this misnamed 'certificate', which is therefore subject to reversal, with risks of alteration and loss that totally deprive the buyer of the advantages of the blockchain.

Artcertificate offers a certification including :
- Drafting or downloading a user rights agreement.
- The creation of digital fingerprints of documents: photo and contract.
- The respect of the authenticity mentions in accordance with the Marcus decree of 1981.
- The recording of the prints on a token of the blockchain.
- The delivery of the original files to the artist, which is essential for any transfer.
- The security backup of the originals on a secure directory.
- The change of ownership at the first transfer.

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Blockchain for art | Certificates of authenticity for art professionals
Blockchain for art | Certificates of authenticity for art professionals

Benefit from the advantages of the Blockchain.

As professionals you provide certificates of authenticity to your customers every day and you guarantee the authenticity of the works of art you sell. You scrupulously respect the rules of certification under the Marcus decree, but are you sure you cannot improve your practice, in particular by strengthening: security against counterfeiting, traceability of works, centralized archiving or decentralized on the Ethereum global blockchain? ...

The world of art is evolving but certification is still at the heart of transactions!

Artcertificate wishes to bring you new technological tools such as blockchain in order to rationalize, update and modernize your certification chain. Blockchain integration is immediate: all it takes is internet access and blockchain training in a few minutes to register, manage and archive hundreds and thousands of blockchain certificates of authenticity.

You immediately benefit from all the technological innovations of the blockchain for your certifications!

Artcertificate is not a startup looking for its market: our blockchain technology is fully operational, ready to use and sustainable . Whether you have a few blockchain certificates of authenticity to produce each month, or hundreds to produce each day, we will set up with you the optimum solution that corresponds to your needs, taking into account the human factor and the blockchain training of your teams. .

Contact us today to improve your certification process!

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The advantages of a specialist

The majority of providers offer blockchain records limited to the digital fingerprint (composed of 32 characters) generated from a process of cryptography of the original document. This type of recording has no legal or probative value without the presence of an expert who confirms the relationship between the digital imprint and the document; the said document to be kept intact and without modification by the depositor until presentation in court. Some American states, such as Vermont, have adopted legislation allowing the use of blockchain for probationary purposes. Likewise in June 2018, a Chinese court ruled that the registration made on a blockchain for a website could constitute evidence in a counterfeit case. In France the situation is more mixed.


To prove, the registration must relate to an intelligible document and not to a sequence of numbers. Indeed, a writing within the meaning of the Civil Code is defined as 'a sequence of letters, characters, numbers or any other signs or symbols endowed with an intelligible meaning, whatever their medium' (art. 1365 c. Civ .). In order to meet this pre-requisite, Artcertificate generates a real digital certificate containing all the mentions defined in the Marcus Decree 1981 on the suppression of fraud in matters of transactions of works of art, it is then fully registered on the blockchain to be presented in court without the need to produce an external document. However, we add two complementary and non-compulsory digital imprints, one identifying the photo of the work and the other the certificate of authenticity in its pdf version. This electronic document understood as 'any content stored in electronic form' (art. 3.35) recorded on the blockchain could therefore be invoked in support of a claim, at least when proof by any means is admitted.


This service consists of recording only the digital fingerprint of an external document, this option should preferably be used for the timestamping of transactions, assignments and all types of documents apart from certificates of authenticity which must be recorded by the previous method. The link between the imprint and the document or electronic copy must also be ensured (art. 26 eIDAS).

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Blockchain for art | Certificates of authenticity for art professionals
Blockchain for art | Certificates of authenticity for art professionals

Shared ownership of works of art

Can a museum, institution, association or artist put works of art on sale in co-ownership? Is it possible for a work of art to be owned by several people at the same time according to a number x of shares defined when it is put up for sale? For example, a work of art with a value of $10,000 divided into 10 shares of $1,000, or divided into 100 shares of $100, would allow investors and collectors to invest their savings in works of art, to resell them in the future with capital gains according to market developments and third party exchanges'.

It is an opportunity for holders of works of art who can sell their works of art in order to raise new financing; all or part of the property is sold through the sale of shares to investors who expect a return on an increase in the value of these shares. The process allows museums, institutions or artists to generate large amounts of money while physically conserving the work on display on their premises.

To begin with, the work of art is virtually divided into x number of shares and a financial value is assigned to each of these shares, called tokens. Each of these shares is then recorded on the blockchain by including digital fingerprints referring cryptographically to annexed documents: the photo of the work and the legal act confirm the co-ownership of the work. Initially, the ownership of these tokens is assigned to the depositary of the work, and is then subject to a change of ownership with the future buyers. Each change is recorded on the token of the blockchain, the new buyer can then freely decide to resell his title of co-ownership at the price he will have fixed according to the rules of supply and demand.

Artcertificate offers recordings comprising :
- Drafting or downloading a co-ownership contract.
- The creation of digital prints of documents: photo and contract.
- The creation of x tokens representing the fractions of the work.
- The recording of the tokens and prints on the blockchain.
- The delivery of the original files essential for any transfer.
- The security backup of the originals on a secure directory.
- The change of owner at the first sale.

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Certification Process

  • 1

    Access your member area

    Fill out our registration form or login to access your member area.

  • 2

    Create your certificate online

    Fill out the creation form of the work, download the photo and generate the certificate of authenticity.

  • 3

    Token NFT of the PDF certificate

    A PDF certificate of authenticity is automatically generated followed by an encryption to generate a unique Token NFT of the document.

  • 4

    Token NFT of the photo of the work

    Automatic encryption of the photo to generate a unique Token NFT to attach to the blockchain.

  • 5

    Insertion and timestamp
    on the Ethereum blockchain

    An electronic document is generated, containing all the information with an intelligible meaning (art. 1365 c. Civ.) And compliant with the Marcus decree, then is recorded on the blockchain along with the digital fingerprints of the photo and the PDF.

Mobile app

Photograph your work

Directly with your mobile phone or tablet.

Create your certificate

From your mobile phone or tablet by logging into your member area.

Print your certificates

Print directly from your mobile phone or tablet to a Wifi printer.

Blockchain for art | Certificates of authenticity for art professionals

Scan the Qrcodes

Flash the Qrcodes of the certificates and go to the record of the work.

Conformity check

Check online the polygons on the certificate and artwork to access all the information of the work.

Artcertificate Support

Contact us for more information about our services and certified works.

Our offers


You want to create your own certificates of authenticity, this formula will give you complete satisfaction.

19.5 / month

  • 6 month minimum subscription
  • Integration of your LOGO
  • Invoice Editing INCLUDED
  • FREE Certificate Hosting
  • Subscription by tacit renewal
  • Secured Sheets
  • Security Holograms
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Register all your certificates of authenticity or sales transactions on the public Ethereum blockchain with just one 'click'.

5.95 / certificate

29.9 / Token NFT

  • 'Transaction Hash' type digital identity
  • Integration with the Ethereum blockchain
  • Control via https : //
  • Highly distributed blockchain networks
  • The ledger is decentralized and global
  • Data transparency (public access)
  • Registrations independent of Artcertificate
  • Possibility of transfer of ownership
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